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CKOB stands for Creative Kids Of Berlin. Every week we organise discovery and artistic creation workshops for children from 5 to 14 years old.

As a kid, I could draw trees for hours. But at home, only music was promoted as an art. Nowadays, I like to play the piano, but I still spend a lot of time drawing and wandering through museums.

When I had children, I wondered how I could pass on my passion to them without annoying them. And in my opinion, the best way is to encourage them to create what they love themselves. So I started designing small workshops for my daughter and her friends and their enthusiasm encouraged me to go further. That's how the Creative Kids of Berlin concept was born, with the precious help of my friends and family.

Each week, we discover a new artist, art movement or an architectural landmark, and after a short presentation of 10-15 minutes, we use different materials and supports to create an artwork inspired by what we saw earlier, with all the freedom left to the children.

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