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Workshop Yayoi Kusama Mushrooms



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Yayoi Kusama Mushrooms

Material needed:

  • 3 sheets of white, black and coloured paper

  • felt-tip pens, scissors and glue

  • a white or very light coloured pencil

Material Mushrooms


  • Step 1: draw about ten mushrooms of different size and colour on the model of Y.Kusama's mushrooms and then cut them up.

  • Step 2: Illustrate the background of the black sheet of paper by drawing shapes that inspire you, geometric or other.

  • Step 3: place the mushrooms on the black paper, find the composition you like best and glue them on!

Realisation1 Mushrooms
Realisation 2 Mushrooms
Realisation 3 Mushrooms
Realisation 3 Mushrooms

Videos (in french):

1- Présentation de l'artiste Yayoi Kusama

2- Matériel nécessaire

3- Réalisation Partie 1

4- Réalisation Partie 2

Pour en savoir plus: 

Yayoi Kusama – Obsessed with Polka Dots | Tate

1- YKusama-Présentation

1- YKusama-Présentation

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