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Workshop Street Art Invader

Invader Zoe
Invader Nika
Invader Ida
Invader Jan
Invader Sophie
Invader Maya
Invader Mia
Invader Gaspard
Invader Palo
Invader Milano
Invader Yaelou
Invader Luisa
Invader CKOB
Invader Adele

Who is the artist behind the Invaders?

French street artist invades Paris

Where to find the Invaders:

Website Invader


Find out more:

In bed with Invader


Modèles Invader

Material required:
- Mosaics 20x20x4mm
(approx. 50-70 pieces depending on the model)
- Special mosaic glue
- Rigid support of approx. 20*30 cm

Matériel Invader 1.jpg
Materiel invader 2.jpg
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